After a lot of research into the most effective approaches to couples counseling, I made the decision to incorporate PACT: Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy® into my practice. PACT is a highly effective method for dealing with the seemingly intractable challenges couples may face.

PACT was developed by Psychologist, Stan Tatkin, who combined cutting edge research from 3 fields:

  • Neuroscience, how our brain’s physiological reactions influence our relationships;
  • Attachment Theory, our biological need for connection; and
  • “The biology of human arousal” which underpins our ability and desire to engage in the moment.

Please follow the link below for a description of the PACT approach to couple’s therapy googletest.

PACT Resources from Dr. Tatkin

  • What is PACT - an explanation of PACT and a description of a PACT therapy session
  • Stan Tatkin’s Articles - a number of downloadable articles that provide insight and guidance for couples

Is PACT right for you?

If you’d like to find out how PACT can benefit your relationship please contact me for a private consultation…

PACT can help couples come back together